• Establishment: Spencer Family Aquatic Center
  • Time worked: Summer of 2009-Summer of 2011
  • Hours worked a week: Approximately 30-35 hours
  • Skills practiced: Demonstrated observation skills, along with knowing how to respond in an emergency situation (Emergency Action Plan)
  • Reference: Mara Severson

Retail work:

  • Establishment: Boji Funwear
  • Time worked: Summer of 2012-Present (seasonal)
  • Hours worked a week: Approximately 35-40 hours
  • Skills practice: Demonstrated conversational skills with customers and also demonstrated how to do inventory and balance the cash register
  • Reference: Dave Quandt


  • Establishment: Carsten's family home
  • Time worked: Summer of 2012-Summer 2015
  • Hours worked a week: Approximately 16 hours
  • Skills practiced: Demonstrated caring skills for children 8 and 10 years old
  • Reference: Jacque Carstens


**I did receive my CNA certification in Winter 2011 but I decided not to pursue a job in that field.